Travel Haiku: Lake Davis, CA

Haiku is about paying attention to a moment in nature and capturing that moment, like a snapshot, on paper with words (before it disappears). 

My husband and I recently took the jeep up to Lake Davis near Portola, CA in northern California to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Rather than keep a written journal or take a ton of pictures, I like to poetically record what I see in my travels. I’m sharing some of my travel haiku here today. Some attempts are better than others but hopefully, you can “see” what I saw through the imagery in these poems.

I’ve also included a few of photos of our VRBO rental (what a view!), beautiful Lake Davis and a trail we found to “jeep”. Perhaps the photos will inspire a haiku of your own. Click here for information on how to start a Haiku Travel Journal like famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho. And More travel haiku can be found here and here.

daffodil morning
yellow lifts her sleepy head
good morning, sunshine!

mountain trail at dawn
no-see-ums clinging to legs
ouch— breakfast is served

a palette of greens
pines paint a pristine picture
across mountain top

through clear windowpane
steller's jay nods crested head,
"I see you see me!"

rugged mountain trails
mud jumps from deep rut puddles
clings to jeep—free rides!

brush stroke morning sky
a wash of cerulean blue
with splash of bird song


I hope you will start a haiku travel journal and take it along on your next vacation. If you enjoy Poetry Pop, please share the love with your friends and family using the buttons below. I am growing my site and always appreciate a shoutout. And as always, thank you for following the blog for your little pop of poetry.

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