Travel Haiku: Taking Haiku on the Road

Early this month, we talked about how to start a Haiku Journal. As mentioned, famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho, recorded his travels by way of haiku in his diary. I recently took a drive to the northern California coast for some R & R and thought I’d follow Basho’s lead by poetically recording what I saw each day. Here are a few of my travel haiku, hopefully you can “see” what I saw through the imagery in these poems:

misty coastal breeze
orange poppies on hillside
wave hello to waves
sand dollar on beach
the sun-bleached canvas holds
nature's petal sketch
sandy beach blanket
bug lies on back, is it dead
or on vacation?

sandpiper on shore
playing chicken with waves
hop! you can't catch me


I hope you have started your haiku journal and will give travel haiku a try. Feel free to comment or share your poems in the reply section below (scroll way down). If you haven’t already, please Join the blog for your weekly pop of poetry.

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