Poetry Prompts

When a Poem Misses the Bus—We’ve all been there. Sitting with pen in hand, waiting for a poem to arrive. I’ve included some visual and written prompts below to help you out on those inevitable days when a poem doesn’t show up.


written prompts

  1. As I lay Dying
  2. Old School vs. Modern Day
  3. Does this make you uncomfortable?
  4. Drunken wind storm
  5. The monster inside me
  6. Heart like a fisherman’s net
  7. I’m sorry I missed you
  8. A kiss in another language
  9. With this lie, I thee wed
  10. Good as gold
  11. Inside my pocket
  12. Behind the smile
  13. I used to be, but now I am
  14. Write a poem based on your tattoo
  15. Write a list poem about forgotten things
  16. Write a Found poem from a Wikipedia or magazine article
  17. Base a poem on the last text you sent
  18. Write a poem about your ex
  19. Write an acrostic poem using the word POETRY
  20. Write a Golden Shovel poem using a line from a poem by Maya Angelou