How Do You Haiku? A Step-By-Step Guide with Templates—Now Available!

I am happy to welcome this “how to haiku” handbook into the world (for ages 8 & up)! I fell in love with words from the moment I met them and wrote my first poem when I was eight years old. This is the book I wish I had when I was young. A book that would not only teach me simple ways to understand and write haiku but one that also said that my words were worthwhile, and my poetry was worth sharing. This book is part technique, part pep-talk, and part wordplay with a whole lot of templates and haiku crafts. I hope you love it as much as I do and will share the love by introducing it to kids, teachers, librarians, and parents

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I Am Offering This Poem To You: A Golden Shovel Poem (with template)

Golden Shovel poetry is a poetic form in which you borrow a line, or lines, from someone else’s poem, and use each of their words as the end words in your poem. Preferably, you write your poem in a way that feels like a continuation or a companion of the original. Personally, I struggle with this form. It’s challenging but I love that we get to celebrate and honor our favorite poets and their poems in this way.

Below you will find my poem and a template I designed to guide you when writing your Golden Shovel. Click here to learn more about the form.

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Guest Pop: Linda Joy Singleton

Periodically here on Poetry Pop, we enjoy a Guest Pop where a guest poet pops in for a visit. Today, Author Linda Joy Singleton shares her poem. Linda doesn’t consider herself a poet, but she definitely has a way with words, which goes to show there is a poet in all of us—whether we know it or not.

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