Blog Hop: Happy International Haiku Day!

Occasionally here on Poetry Pop, you’ll see a Poetry Pop Blog Hop post. This is when we take a field trip and hop over to another blog to see what’s going on. Today we are hopping over to CELEBRATE PICURE BOOKS blog where we are celebrating International Haiku Day and my newly released board book, Peek-A-Boo Haiku. Please come join us!

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Celebrate National Poetry Month with “H Is For Haiku” (with lesson plan)

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to H is For Haiku, a beautiful book on Haiku written by the late Sydell Rosenberg (1929-1996) published by Penny Candy Books. Syd was a charter member of the Haiku Society of America in 1968. She wrote and published her work over a literary career spanning roughly three decades. On this, the first day of National Poetry Month, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate! (And for dessert, we’ll be enjoying a mother-daughter haiku collaboration in a special book below by Syd and her daughter, Amy Losak.

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How Do You Haiku? #7 Best Books on Haiku


Welcome to the seventh and final post in our How Do You Haiku?© series! Last post we created a haiga (haiku with illustration)! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite books on haiku for readers of every age!

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We Interrupt The Regularly Scheduled Haiku Series Of Posts For This Exciting Announcement!

My debut YA novel-in-verse, The Complete Book of Aspen, has received an amazing five-star review! The book is written in narrative verse but is also chock-full of poetic forms like shaped poems, haiku, senryu, skinny poems, list poems, found poetry, where I’m from poems, and much more!

The back of the book lists information on the included poetic forms, which makes it a great book for the classroom! I’ve pasted the full review below. You can order the book or learn more about it here:

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Cover reveal: YA Novel-In-Verse

When Aspen’s best friend gives her a DNA test kit, a half teaspoon of spit is all it takes to discover her entire life has been a lie.

I am proud to share the cover of my debut young adult novel-in-verse, releasing May 30, 2022! This is the book of my heart. This is the book based on my true story. This is the book that helped me through a very real, very difficult time in my life. Four years ago, I took a DNA test and discovered the man who raised me and whom I loved dearly was not my biological father.

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Paint Chip Poetry: Colorful Wordplay

For the last decade I’ve attended an annual writer’s retreat by the ocean in Northern California where I gather with friends for inspiration, laughs, and writing. Each year, a friend, author, and artist I admire hosts a Paint Chip Poetry session. We dig into a pile of paint chips (you know those paper strips of paint colors from the hardware store) and write a poem in ten minutes based on a given prompt and the names of the chosen colors (unseen until timer starts).

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Poetry Pop Shop: The Crafty Poet

On Poetry Pop, you will periodically get posts titled, Poetry Pop Shop, where I introduce some fun writerly or readerly gadgets I think you might enjoy. Today, I want to share one of my favorite books on the craft with you. The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop by Diane Lockward is my go-to book when I need a little inspiration or poetry exercise.

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