Blog Hop: Happy International Haiku Day!

Occasionally here on Poetry Pop, you’ll see a Poetry Pop Blog Hop post. This is when we take a field trip and hop over to another blog to see what’s going on. Today we are hopping over to CELEBRATE PICURE BOOKS blog where we are celebrating International Haiku Day and my newly released board book, Peek-A-Boo Haiku. Please come join us!

“Smith’s giggly humor and exceptional imagination elevate readers’ experience as she deftly uses games and experiences familiar to children (hide-and-seek, confetti, splashing in water, and lullabies to name a few) in ways that will spark creative thinking and bond them to the natural world. As late fall with its nighttime frost appears in the last spread, Smith’s gentle, sleepy verse welcomes little ones to drift off to dream along with the two snuggled up mice.” —Celebrate Picture Books

“White’s glorious colors add breathtaking beauty to her gorgeously detailed pages. Each spread is a tiny masterpiece that gives children and adults much to discover and talk about as they move through the seasons.”

—Celebrate Picture Books

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