Fun with Junk EMail: A List Poem

My computer recently crashed and when it was up and running again, I found all of my junk mail had bailed the confines of its folder and was hanging out in my actual inbox. I spent hours sifting through what was junk and what was not junk. But as they say, when life gives you lemons, write a poem. That’s what they say, right? Anyway, I seized the opportunity and wrote a list poem made up entirely of the subject lines of my spam mail. It took some time to find subject lines I could rhyme but it turned out to be a fun poetry project!

What is a List Poem?

A list poem is just that, a list of items, ideas, or people (in this case spam email). The list is usually written in rhyme and placed in the middle of the poem (between an introductory line and a surprise ending giving the list a twist”.)  But can a simple list be poetic? Of course! Click here for detailed instructions on the list poem form.

               beginning (introduction)                 
               ending (twist or surprise)

here is my junk mail list poem:


An overflowing inbox,
I peeked inside to see
a hundred spam emails.
Here's what was sent to me:

Dear esteemed beneficiary.
Take control of your health.
Find a special connection.
Improve your total wealth.

Do you love a good bagel?
Do you want a beautiful smile?'s a freebie.
Clear vision with a cool style.

Tired of your old bathroom?
Eliminate sore, tired feet.
Your reward is waiting for you.
(Or perhaps I'll just click DELETE!)

© Danna Smith at all rights reserved

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