This and That (Spring)

One fall I went walking with a friend on a nearby trail, the colorful leaves crunching beneath our sneakers. We were talking about the russet beauty all around us, pointing out this and that as we went along. I thought a poem, in the form of “This and That” would be a fun challenge and it played on my mind as we walked. So, I went home and wrote this fall poem. And then I wrote a winter This and That. Now, spring has sprung and so has a new poem in this fun form!

A THIS AND THAT FOR all occasions

This type of poem is so much fun, The rules are simple:

  • Write four rhyming stanzas (16 lines total) (ABCB rhyme scheme).
  • Alternate the words This and That at the beginning of each line.
  • Throw proper English and rules out the window (ah, that feels nice for a change!). Feel free to twist words, use incomplete sentences (i.e., this peony pale). You have permission to be totally free with your placement of words.

It’s the combination of creative sentences and imagery that makes this type of poem such fun to write (and read!). I can see the This and That format working for any occasion. There’s more about the origin of this form here. Think new baby, engagement, wedding, birthday, illness…you name it. Stay tuned for my This and That (Summer) poem in June.


In the meantime, I hope you’ll try this form and share your poem or comments below (scroll way down).

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