How Do You Haiku? #1 Take a Ginko Walk

Haiku is the most popular form of poetry today, but did you know there are different ways to write and present haiku? Today, I’m starting a seven-post series I’m calling “How Do You Haiku?” Each time I will introduce a fun way to create and present your haiku and, at the same time, give my haiku journal a little love and attention.

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#pandemicpoetry: Haiku the Happy Stuff

The pandemic has brought with it much hardship and loss. So today, I want us to try to look past the darkness and write about something, anything, positive or hopeful that has come out of this trying year. Did you reconnect with nature? Did you take up hiking? Did you have lunch in your garden? Let’s write about that! Let’s haiku the happy stuff! (haiku is now a verb ;))

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Poetry Pop Shop: Haikcubes

On Poetry Pop, you will periodically get posts titled, Poetry Pop Shop, where I introduce some fun writerly or readerly gadgets I think you might enjoy.

In my last post, we had fun writing haikus so I thought it would be fitting to introduce you to Haikubes this week. With this fun interactive game, you can write your own expressive haiku with a roll of the dice!

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