Share the love: sharing your poetry (and mine)

Sharing a poem is like ripping open your heart and showing your secret thoughts and feelings to the world. It can be scary. And it’s okay if you what to pass on the sharing part. However, you’ve written a poem that because of your unique viewpoints and experiences, only you can write. Sharing your work can affect others and impact their lives in ways you’ll never know. Think of a poem you’ve read in the past and how it made you feel. What if the poet never shared their work with you?   

If you are reluctant to share, start with a limerick or a poem on a subject that isn’t close to your heart. Write your poem in a card and mail it to a friend, email a poem to a loved one, or text a funny verse to your siblings or children. You will find that most people will be open to your gift and will likely encourage you to write more.   

I often hear people say they feel their poem is not “good enough” to share; after all, they are still learning, or they aren’t professional poets. That’s nonsense! I am not always happy with the outcome of a poem but I try not to be critical of my work. I know my next attempt will be better for the practice I’ve put in. If you are writing a specific form of poetry, there are rules to follow, but what you write and how you express yourself is yours and yours alone and there is no right or wrong. Your poems and feelings are valid.   

With each blog post here on Poetry Pop, you will have an opportunity to write a poem within the guidelines of a specific form or via a posted visual or written prompt. I hope you’ll write along with me and share your poems in the comment section of each blog post when you are ready.  

Be brave. You are amazing! 

Sharing my poetry

Please feel free to post my poems on your website, share them with friends, or use them in your poetry classrooms. You don’t need special permission for these applications as long as you include:

  1. My name (Danna Smith)
  2. Copyright information as shown at the end of each poem
  3. A link back to this website (

If you would like to print my poems in a book, anthology, magazine, software, or some other publication, please email me regarding print rights and permission fee.

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