Getting Silly: Nonsense Poems in a Serious World

photo, with thanks, by Jane Aldon at Unsplash

We are nearing the end of an incredibly trying year. A small dose of silly is just what the doctor ordered in times like these. So, I challenged myself to come up with a nonsense poem to make you (and your kids) smile. I was having so much fun, I wrote three!

Now it’s your turn

Set your worries aside for a while and get a little silly. I challenge you to write a nonsense poem and share it (or a comment) in the reply box below (scroll way down).

If you are feeling “iffy” about sharing, here’s a pep talk. For those of you who would like to comment or share anonymously, I’ve created settings to allow you to do so. Just reply without signing into your WordPress account.

As always, thank you for popping in! 🙂

Writing a Mask Poem

A mask poem (also called a Persona) is written from the point of view of an object, an animal, or a person (other than yourself). Mask poems can be long or short, serious or humorous. There are no rules as far as meter or rhyme pattern goes but its important to select an interesting subject and use your imagination to reveal the feelings of the object. Is the object lonely, joyful, afraid? Why?

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