Visual Prompt: Pick a Number Between 1 and 9

Let play a poetry game! Pick a number between one and nine then slide the cover to reveal the visual prompt that you can use to write a poem this week. The numbers are in random order in the lower right hand corner of each photo. If the image loads with the slider open, quickly close it without peeking. My visual prompt and poem are below.

When I saw the photo below, I thought of all the strong women of the world like my great grandmother. She raised seven children in the wilds of Wyoming and Montana and lived to be 103 years old. Here’s my poem:

These Old Hands

They’ve held a husband,
worn a band,
tamed a patch of wild land.

They’ve swaddled babies,
given care, 
mended cuts and braided hair.

They’ve snipped and clipped,
washed and sewn,
worked themselves to the bone.

They’ve wrung with worry,
clapped with glee,
hugged a friend and prayed with me.

A vein, a spot, 
a finger bent,
from all the years that came and went.

A pinch,
a poke, 
a fist,
a snap, 
but now they settle in her lap.

They’ve seen her through
the worst and best,
it’s time to let these old hands rest.

©Danna Smith at all rights reserved

A Special thanks to the artists of these lovely images

  1. Amariei Mihai
  2. Cristian Newman
  3. Stephanie Leblanc
  4. Engin Akyurt
  5. Matthew Henry
  6. Jeremy Hynes
  7. Valery Syoev
  8. Ivan Dostal
  9. Ray Hennessy


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