Travel Haiku: Cambria California

Haiku is about “seeing”—about paying attention to a moment in nature and capturing that moment, like a snapshot, on paper with words (before it disappears). 

My husband and I recently took a drive to Cambria on the northern California coast to celebrate my birthday. Rather than keep a written journal, I like to poetically record what I see in my travels. I’m sharing some of my travel haiku here today. Some attempts are better than others but hopefully, you can “see” what I saw through the imagery in these poems.

I’ve also included a few photos of the beach near my hotel and of Seal Beach where thousands of seals gather to birth and care for their babies (that was a joy to experience!). Perhaps the photos will inspire a haiku of your own. Click here for information on how to start a Haiku Journal like the famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho. And More travel haiku can be found here.

early morning walk
I wrap myself in layers,
soft blankets of fog
©Danna Smith

pink mimosa sky,
the ocean finds your smile
©Danna Smith
sandy winter beach,
elephant seals gather for
a new beginning
©Danna Smith

birds trumpet in sky,
waves crash in a crescendo,
nature writes a song
©Danna Smith

birthday morning sky,
vultures circle overhead
"not yet, boys, not yet"
©Danna Smith


I hope you will start a haiku journal and take it along on your next vacation. If you enjoy Poetry Pop, please share the love with your friends and family using the buttons below. I am growing my site and always appreciate a shoutout. And as always, thank you for following the blog for your little pop of poetry.

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