Poetry Pop Shop: Writing Down the Bones Deck

On Poetry Pop, you will periodically get posts titled, Poetry Pop Shop, where I introduce some fun writerly or readerly items I think you might enjoy.

The book, Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg has been relished by writers in their practice for over 30 years. I recently came across a twist on the book—this deck of 60 cards, each with all new topics on one side and a short lesson on the reverse. Ms. Goldberg writes, “This is my wish for you: that you take these cards, grab the topic on one side and write, write, write . . . Remember no good or bad. Just words on the page.”

I gave it a go

You can follow the cards in order 1-60 or do like I did and randomly pick a card. I picked #33, “In fifteen minutes write down everything you can name that will not last.” Here is my list. This exercise definitely got me thinking and sparked an idea for a future poem.

That was fun! I think this would be a good time to get out a beautiful notebook I was gifted for my birthday and use it as a place to keep all 60 exercises as I go through the deck.

I hope you enjoyed this Poetry Pop Shop! Please follow the blog here for your little pop of poetry. And as always, thank you for popping in.

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