Visual Prompt: Jelly Dancer

We’ve all been there, pen in hand, waiting for a poem to arrive. Poetry prompts are a great way to get the juices flowing on those inevitable days when a poem doesn’t show up. In the visual prompt below, the tentacles reminded me of a skirt swishing. And the way a jelly fish moves in the water is like that of a graceful (although dangerous) dancer.

Photo, with thanks, by Karin Karnik at unsplash

Here’s the poem that this picture prompted me to write. The alliteration makes it fun to read:

Jelly Dancer

A puff of plankton. A poisonous sting.
A graceful creature at sea.
The delightful, delicate swish of a skirt
and she’s dancing silently.

A walloping wave. A turn of the tide.
A pirouette and a dip on display.
The glowing performance of Jellyfish
best watch from miles away.

©Danna Smith at all rights reserved 2/26/2023

Now it’s your turn

Look at the visual prompt above. Does it spark any ideas? Now write a poem in any form (free verse, rhyme, acrostic, etc.). Feel free to leave your prompted poem in the comments below (scroll way down).

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