The F Word (Forgiveness)

Today I am sharing a poem from my novel in verse, The Complete Book of Aspen. The F Word is written in the triversen, (also known as “verset”) poetry form— a six-stanza poem in which each stanza is composed of one single sentence, broken into three lines.

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When Aspen learns the man who raised her was not her biological father, she struggles to forgive her mother for her deception. Many of you know I based the book on my true DNA experience. When a DNA test exposed this closely guarded family secret, it caused a rift between my mother and me (and Aspen and her mother). I am still struggling with the F Word. Forgiveness is hard!

The F Word

Forgiveness is a marathon,
not quick,
never easy.

It’s warming up,
taking the first step
and then another.

It’s leaving anger
at the starting block,
along with bitterness.

Forgiveness is uncomfortable,
like hot sun 
on exposed skin.

It’s falling 
and getting up again,
despite the fatigue.

I’m still running,
I see the finish line,
but I’m not there, not yet.

©Poem from the novel, The Complete Book of Aspen by Danna Smith

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2 thoughts on “The F Word (Forgiveness)

  1. Thank you for this poem. It is reminding me that I still need to forgive my mother for failing to love me. She’s gone now, but I don’t want to carry the hurt any longer. I thought I was over it, but your poem has given me a check in my spirit. With the help of the Holy Spirit and prayer, I know forgiveness will come. Thank you again…God wanted me to read your poem tonight!

    1. You’re so welcome! Thank you for sharing. My mom has also passed but I believe I need to forgive her for my happiness and sanity. Baby steps <3

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