Poem Parade

Remember the “old days” when you wanted to enjoy poetry? You’d find it in a book. These days, we often turn to the screen for our pop of poetry. This got me thinking that poetry in modern times is like a parade. Poems of every subject and tone march across the screen for all to see. And we, as readers, writers, and lovers of poetry, can join in the parade whenever we want (no shoes required). Of course, for me, random thoughts like this often turn into a poem. Cotton candy, anyone?


The best parade 
I’ve ever seen
is the poem parade across my screen.

The poems, they shout, 
whisper, sing.
Poems, they march for everything.

For fear and courage, 
unrequited love,
for summer rain and stars above.

For wounded hearts, 
a lover’s spark, 
poems, they flicker in the dark.

Poems of gone 
but not forgotten,
sweet poems spun like soft, pink cotton.

Poems that stomp, 
words that roll,
a parade of poems, scroll by scroll.

No need to march, 
just take a seat,
feel the fireworks, feel the beat.

The best parade 
I’ve ever seen
is the poem parade across my screen.

Come one, come all,
let’s celebrate!
We’ll show up early and stay till late.

—Danna Smith at poetrypop.com all rights reserved.


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