Poem Parade

Remember the “old days” when you wanted to enjoy poetry? You’d find it in a book. These days, we often turn to the screen for our pop of poetry. This got me thinking that poetry in modern times is like a parade. Poems of every subject and tone march across the screen for all to see. And we, as readers, writers, and lovers of poetry, can join in the parade whenever we want (no shoes required). Of course, for me, random thoughts like this often turn into a poem. Cotton candy, anyone?

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Writer’s Block: Falling into Free Verse

My sisters and I started a tradition long ago, which we call “gift of the day.” Since we live in different states, we pick up small gifts (a pair of socks, a dishtowel, etc.) for no reason and mail them at random times. They are little surprise reminders that say, “I’m thinking about you, and I love you.”

One day, years ago, I received a padded envelope from my sister Laurie. Inside was a small piece of wood, sanded and beautifully stained. I was perplexed! When I called and asked why she sent a piece of wood in the mail, she laughed and said, “It’s a Writer’s Block!”

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Letters to Mother Goose Series: The Cow that Jumped over the Moon

You know Mother Goose writes in rhyme, but did you know her characters are poets too? Welcome to week seven of my Letters to Mother Goose poetry series! Join me today and all summer long as I share my series of poems (one each week) written to Mother Goose by the characters she created in response to her wish upon a star:

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