Writing a Mask Poem

A mask poem (also called a Persona) is written from the point of view of an object, an animal, or a person (other than yourself). Mask poems can be long or short, serious or humorous. There are no rules as far as meter or rhyme pattern goes but its important to select an interesting subject and use your imagination to reveal the feelings of the object. Is the object lonely, joyful, afraid? Why?

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How-To Poems: How to Be a Star

The How to Poem is known as a modern poetic form sometimes used in classrooms. However, William Carlos Williams’ poem, Tract, in which he guides the townspeople on how to perform a funeral, could be considered a How-To poem. 

In this poem form, the poet walks the reader through a process, teaching them how to do something new and entertaining them along the way. 

You can guide your readers on how to find a husband, how to race a turtle, how to share an ice cream cone, how to clean up the ocean, how to survive cancer or you could be abstract with instructions on how to dissolve in the rain, how to eat the planets, or how to be a storm. 

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