Writing a Mask Poem: Who Am I?

A mask poem (also called a Persona) is written from the point of view of an object, an animal, or a person (other than yourself). Can you guess the subject of the three mask poems below? Read the poems then click the right arrow for the answers.

Now It’s Your Turn

Think of an object, animal or person that might have something to say if given the chance. Be that chance, write a poem pretending to be the subject. If you’d like, you can share your poem in the comments below and readers can try to guess the subject. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Writing a Mask Poem: Who Am I?

  1. I am a leaf
    growing green
    full of life
    with a smile of green
    fallen then
    on the grass
    missing someone
    very close to me
    trying to grow
    another leaf of me again.

    by, JoyAnne O’Donnell

  2. Slightly growing
    my leaf back again
    for me to blow
    green to see the world
    peeking like an owl
    seeing my fresh towel
    grabbing tight
    unto the bright

  3. My blue is the brightness when I’m at my best
    It shines through my skin and veil
    I am a Lone Ranger in a sorority
    My sisters and I are in search of just one thing
    With it, you can have my heart, gain my trust and make me yours.

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