Momeries: A Mother’s Day Poem

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and to grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and friends who are helping to raise a child. Being a mom is the greatest joy in my life. My kids are adults and living their own lives now, but sometimes I find myself walking down memory (momery) lane, missing my littles. They (and their dad) always make Mother’s Day special for me, but this year I wanted to do something nice for them too. After reading it to my kids earlier today, I’m sharing the poem I wrote for them here.


A flutter, a kick,
a love at first sight.
A cuddle, a huddle,
a fist curled up tight.

A crawler, a cryer
with teeth coming in.
A walker, a talker,
a heart-melting grin.

A leaper, a keeper 
of faith as we go,
lovingly learning
the things we don’t know.

A shimmer, a glimmer,
a wish it would last.
A whirl and wind…
they grow up too fast.

A graduation, confetti,
a march down the aisles.
A counter of blessings,
of kisses, and smiles.

A wonder, a wander,
making their way
into the world—
a proud momma day.

A memory, a momory,
the old and the new,
I’m thankful, so grateful
for the gift that is you.

© 2021 Danna Smith at (for my kids on Mother’s Day, my love for you will outlive me.)

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