#pandemicpoetry: Haiku the Happy Stuff

The pandemic has brought with it much hardship and loss. So today, I want us to try to look past the darkness and write about something, anything, positive or hopeful that has come out of this trying year. Did you reconnect with nature? Did you take up hiking? Did you have lunch in your garden? Let’s write about that! Let’s haiku the happy stuff! (haiku is now a verb ;))

what is haiku

The American (or modern) Haiku is based on the old Japanese form but usually has three lines with a 5/7/5 syllable count. Meaning lines one and three have five syllables and line two has seven syllables.


  1. Haiku speaks of a moment nature or seasons.
  2. The first and third lines contain five syllables.
  3. The middle line contains seven syllables (for a poem total of seventeen syllables).
  4. Most Haiku is written in incomplete sentences.
  5. The Haiku is untitled and doesn’t rhyme.
  6. It does not include simile or metaphor. 
  7. The poem ends with a shift of perspective or enlightenment of some kind.

Not sure how to count syllables? There’s a link for that!

You can also visit the haiku gurus at Haiku Society of America for more about this poetic form.

my #pandemicpoetry

bluebirds at feeder
pandemic rule followers
dine outside with friends

©2021 Danna Smith

in isolation
she discovers gardening
and her new friend, rose

© 2021 Danna Smith

the orange sunset
paints the sky with the promise
of a better dawn

©2021 Danna Smith

Hikubes party game

If you like writing haiku, you might enjoy Haikubes which I shared in a recent Poetry Pop Shop blog post. With this fun interactive game, you can write your own expressive haiku with a roll of the dice!


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