Poetry Pop Shop: Haikcubes

On Poetry Pop, you will periodically get posts titled, Poetry Pop Shop, where I introduce some fun writerly or readerly gadgets I think you might enjoy.

In my last post, we had fun writing haikus so I thought it would be fitting to introduce you to Haikubes this week. With this fun interactive game, you can write your own expressive haiku with a roll of the dice!

It’s a blast for individual inspiration, as a game with friends and family, or for teachers to use in their lesson plans. The game (ages 8 and up) includes 63 word cubes, including cubes with inspirational cues to help guide the haiku, and an instruction card.

With this game, everyone’s a poet!

product image

Here’s my Haikubes Haiku (say that five times fast :))

The two red dice help give you a direction for your poem. However, you can use or discard at your discretion. I used them for this poem. The blank tiles are great as fillers to complete the square.

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Have fun! And as always, thanks for popping in.

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