Visual Poetry Prompt: A Big Fan

We’ve all been there, sitting with pen in hand, waiting for a poem to arrive. Poetry prompts are a great way to get the juices flowing on those inevitable days when a poem doesn’t show up.

When I looked at the picture below, the fan stood out to me above all else. It’s such a big fan for a little desk and I found myself wondering how it might feel about it’s place in the world. That thought prompted my decision to write my poem from the fan’s point of view (personification). What would the fan say if it could talk? Here’s what I ended up with:

Photo, with thanks, by Radu Florin

Now it’s your turn

Look at the picture. Does it spark any ideas? Write a poem in any form (free verse, rhyme, acrostic, etc.). Feel free to leave your prompted poem in the comments below (scroll way down). Poetry is better when shared. 🙂

More prompts

If you’d like more prompts, please check out the “prompts” tab above for a variety of visual and written prompts to kick start your writing.

And as always, thanks for popping in!

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