Celebrate World Poetry Day on March 21st

Many of us read, write, and teach poetry every day but did you know there is an official day to celebrate and support poets and poetry? As an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO), world poetry day is held every year on March 21st. I’ve made a list (with links) of some fun ways you can celebrate poetry with your family and friends. And don’t miss my contribution to the official day in the form of a poem that turned out to be quite yummy.

ten ways to celebrate world poetry day

  1. Buy a book of poetry or get one from the library.
  2. Begin your day, meeting, or class, by reading a poem out loud.
  3. Write a poem. If you are a beginner start with a haiku or an acrostic. Share it with a friend.
  4. Start a new generation of poetry lovers by reading a Shel Silverstein poem to your little ones.
  5. Read the picture book Chicken Lily by Lori Mortensen to your kids. It’s’ a darling story about a chicken who is, well, chicken about reading her poems in front of her classmates until she proves chickens can be brave.
  6. Host a slam poetry party for your family, neighbors, or classroom.
  7. Learn more about your favorite poets at Poetry Foundation.
  8. Make a poetry journal. Add your favorite poems and visuals (sketches, magazine cutouts, etc.)
  9. Donate a poetry book to a local school library or Little Free Library.
  10. Post your favorite poem on social media with #worldpoetryday
  11. Sign up for a weekly pop of poetry in your inbox here on my blog poetrypop.com.

my poem to celebrate the day

I’ve chosen number three above and written an acrostic poem about, what else, poetry (delish!). In an Acrostic, the first letters of each line spell out a word when reading down the page.

thanks for popping in!

However you celebrate, I hope you have fun on World Poetry Day! Follow the blog for a weekly pop of poetry. And if you are enjoying Poetry Pop, please spread the word and share the love with the share buttons below.

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