Memorial Haiku: Happy Birthday, Dad

Today would have been my dad’s 85th birthday. He was a lifelong falconer, so it seemed fitting that a hawk chose the day Dad passed away to circle the sky above me in grand, sweeping loops as it sang to the sky. It felt as if my dad finally had his wings and was saying goodbye. Four years later, I still think of my dad when I see a bird of prey (I’m sure I always will). I wrote this haiku in remembrance of him. Happy Birthday, Dad, from your chickadee.

wind whispers through wings
a goshawk in its moment
my father lives on

©Danna Smith at March 2023 all rights reserved

the hawk of the castle

I wrote this book inspired by my dad and our falconry experiences together. He was deep into dementia by the time it was published but he knew I was writing it and an offer had been made by Candlewick Press. He was so excited. Click on the cover for more information.


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