The Color of Lies

Have you ever told a white lie to spare someone hurt feelings? Or maybe the truth isn’t as exciting as the little white lie you’ve replaced it with? I recently read an online article at by Valerie Soleil about how white lies do more damage than one would think. The piece went on to say that lies are color blind and that placing “little” or “white” before lies doesn’t make it harmless. On the contrary, lies equate to dishonesty no matter the size or color.

The article reminded me of a poem I wrote a while back for a project I was working on, which raises the question, if someone can tell a white lie, are they more likely to lie about the big stuff?


Writing can be therapy, use this prompt to write a poem about a time you were lied to or a time you broke trust by lying to someone you love. I hope you’ll consider sharing your poem with us in the comments. I know it can be scary to share your poems with others. For those of you who would like to share anonymously, I’ve created settings to allow you to do so. Just reply without signing into your WordPress account.

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