Zen Pop: Poetic Encouragement (Just Be)

Life is hard. Today, if all you do is be, then that’s okay.

Periodically on Poetry Pop, you will see a Zen Pop blog post. These posts are my way of sharing on a personal level and giving you a bit of poetic encouragement while traversing this beautiful (and often challenging) thing we call life.

We are productive souls. We juggle work, children, grandchildren, relationships, the gym, chores, volunteering, and most recently, teaching at home. Most days we rock! Then there are those days when we are far from productive, days when we feel like we are just existing.

When I read author and Poet Nikita Gill’s quote above, it spoke to me as I’ve come to recognize these “just be” days for what they are to me. They are my “slow down and recharge” days, they are my “take care of yourself so you can care of others” days, they are my “healing” days. The quote is true, somedays it’s okay to “just be,” we are still beautiful, important to the world, and we still rock!

An encouraging poem on the subject by S.C. Lourie

Go into this week
with the attitude that
your peace,
your health of mind,
and your heart
mean more than
getting everything else done.
That your smile matters,
That feeling rested matters.
That holding the hand
of your loved ones matter.
So pause lots,
function at a pace
that doesn’t pull you apart.
Honour the things that
make you feel good inside,
the things that make you feel alive.
Give time to those things this week.
Make time the gift it is,
by giving it to what really matters to you.
— S.C. Lourie of Butterflies and Pebbles

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