Paint Chip Poetry: 9-11

A few weeks back, I posted a Paint Chip Poetry exercise. It was so much fun, I thought I’d give it another try this week. The rules for Paint Chip Poetry are simple:

  • Choose a random selection of color swatches from your local hardware store or online.
  • Give yourself a time limit of ten or fifteen minutes.
  • Write a free verse poem using as many of the paint colors as possible in the time allotted.
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Triversen: Random Acts of Normalcy

It has been a long nine months since my home state of California locked down due to the pandemic. The entire world is going through a lot right now, but I am amazed at the creativity and resilience of people who are trying to hold on to some normalcy (and their sanity) while in isolation.

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Free Verse: You’re not the Boss of Me

When you write traditional verse, you are bound by rules. Rhyme, meter, stanza, length of line, and more are set up for you depending on which poetry form you have chosen. With free verse, you get to be the boss. You get to decide where to break your lines, which type of stanza to use, and when to end the poem.

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