How-To Poems: How to Be Star Jasmine

Have you ever written a How-to Poem? In this poetry form, the poet walks the reader through a process, teaching them how to do something new and entertaining them along the way. You can guide your readers on how to find a husband, how to race a turtle, how to share an ice cream cone, how to clean up the ocean, how to survive cancer or you could be abstract with instructions on how to dissolve in the rain, how to eat the planets, or how to be a storm. 

Photo by Chinmay Sethi on Unsplash

It’s always a treat when my Star Jasmine blooms in Spring and although it’s shiny green leaves are still twisting around my arbor, I miss their sweet-smelling blooms. So today, I’m sharing a How to Poem about this beautiful climbing flower:


Fasten yourself to cobbled stone.
Alive but not of blood or bone.
Cling to hope, grow wild and free.
You will bloom eventually.

Softly bud at your own pace.
Sweet perfume and pale white face.
It's time to shine, it's who you are.
Now take the stage—you are a star!

—Danna Smith at ©2023


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