Mask Poem Riddle

A Mask Poem is when you write from an object’s point of view (or a person other than yourself). Today I’m sharing a mask poem with a twist as the object plays a guessing game with the reader. Can you guess from whose point of view the poem is written before you get to the end?

Mask Poem Riddle

We're old as time and thick as thieves,
snug among crisp autumn leaves.
We're filled with friends who've come to stay,
to feel the thrill of Ocean's spray.
Our tired bones, they sag and creak,
if walls could talk, if we could speak,
we'd welcome you with open doors,
we'd whisper, "come, relax, explore!"
Your oldest friends are never far...
we are the lodges at Asilomar.

©Danna Smith at October 15, 2022

Every fall a group of writers living in different cities across California, make their way to Pacific Grove on the northern California coast for a retreat where we relax, rejuvenate, and catch up with good friends. I’ve just returned from our retreat and I’m feeling rested and inspired. The buildings we stay in at Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds are quaint and historical. Architect Julia Morgan designed and built 16 of the buildings in 1913 and 1929 of which 11 are still standing! As we drive through the cobblestone entry, the lodges seem to always welcome us no matter how long it takes us to make our way back to them, so it seemed fitting they were the ones to write this poem.


If you were an object or a person other than yourself, what would you have to say? I hope you’ll give a mask poem a try! I’ve written my poem in rhyme but mask poems don’t have to rhyme. If you would like to read more about this poetry form and see another example click here.

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