When it Falls

Ah, autumn! As leaves and temperatures fall, it’s time for us to get out our sweaters, rake the leaves, and write fall poetry! I wrote this poem this morning (using the fall season as a verb) while the orange leaves of my Japanese maple waved to me from outside my window.


Does my poem spark an idea for a fall poem? I hope you’ll give it a try and share your poem or comments below (scroll way down).


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HAPPY FALL YA’LL and as always, thank you for popping in and following the blog for your weekly pop of poetry!

2 thoughts on “When it Falls

  1. Leaves
    By Linda Boyden©2021

    a leaf floats on
    the palm of the wind.

    Earthbound, it
    glides through a sky of blue;
    others soon follow suit .
    Clouds amuse and birds tease them
    until they land on top of
    a pile of fallen brethren
    cradled by the warmth of the sun.

    Once there, cats roll and claw deep,
    leaving behind their tangy odors.
    Teens rake them into piles
    grumbling all the while
    about how stupid and lame
    this chore is.

    The leaves listen only
    to the voices exclaiming
    about their beauty
    very much like pretty women
    or treacherous goddesses.

    When little ones kss-kss-kss their feet
    through the raked piles, spinning
    the leaves skyward again,
    do they revel in the blue air,
    wondering if this joy might last forever?

    Day by night,
    night by day, changes come.
    The fallen leaves wait,
    unaware of their future;
    how their October beauty
    will slide into November,
    shrivel into brown and
    wilt into wintersleep.

    1. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I especially like the line, “will slide into November, shrivel into brown and wilt into wintersleep.” Just lovely!

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