Happy World Poetry Day!

Many of us read, write, and teach poetry every day, but did you know there is an official day to celebrate and support poets and poetry? As an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO), world poetry day is held every year on March 21st. So today, I want to reshare this post to celebrate with you and I’ve made a list (with links) of some fun ways you can celebrate poetry with your family and friends. And don’t miss my contribution to the official day in the form of a poem that turned out to be quite yummy.

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Happy Birthday Acrostic

Today is my Birthday. I’m at that point where I’m far from young, but I’m not quite old (unless you ask my children). And although I curse the wrinkles and reading glasses, I embrace aging as I know it’s a privilege denied to many. So today, in honor of birthdays, I’m resharing this acrostic poem. Happy 2022 Birthday to all my readers and lovers of poetry!

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Poem Parade

Remember the “old days” when you wanted to enjoy poetry? You’d find it in a book. These days, we often turn to the screen for our pop of poetry. This got me thinking that poetry in modern times is like a parade. Poems of every subject and tone march across the screen for all to see. And we, as readers, writers, and lovers of poetry, can join in the parade whenever we want (no shoes required). Of course, for me, random thoughts like this often turn into a poem. Cotton candy, anyone?

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Featured Poem on YourDailyPoem.com

Hi there my wonderful readers! Today my concrete children’s poem is featured on yourdailypoem.com! My “fractured nursery rhyme” poem, Hey Diddle Diddle is kicking off a week of poetry posts on the blog where poems are formated in the shape of the subject. Come on over and check it out and while you are there, stay a while and enjoy this fabulous site that reminds us “a poem a day keeps the doldrums away!”

The Color of Lies

Have you ever told a white lie to spare someone hurt feelings? Or maybe the truth isn’t as exciting as the little white lie you’ve replaced it with? I recently read an online article at learning-mind.com by Valerie Soleil about how white lies do more damage than one would think. The piece went on to say that lies are color blind and that placing “little” or “white” before lies doesn’t make it harmless. On the contrary, lies equate to dishonesty no matter the size or color.

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